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Honda Lawn Mowers - Generators For Sale

Come see us when you want to buy a Honda Lawn Mower.
We are an official Honda Outdoor Power Equipment dealer.

We can get ANY model of lawn mower OR power generator you want - at the Right Price. Call: 254-773-3324 OR send us a Request for a Quote

HRX Models - Commercial Grade

Power Generators - Commercial-Residential



MSRP $699*


MSRP $749*
Honda EU1000 Generator

- 1000 watts, 120V
- Less than 29 lbs!!


MSRP $949.95*
Honda EU2000 Camo Generator

- 2000 watts, 120V
- Fuel Efficient

Camo EU2000

MSRP $1,299.95*
*Manufacturer's suggested retail price. Price excludes applicable taxes. Dealer sets actual selling price.

HRR Models - Residential Mowers

Power Generators - Commercial-Residential


MSRP $439*


MSRP $479*
Honda EM4000SX Generator

- 4000 watts, 120/240V
- Runs up to 16 hrs!


MSRP $2,249.95*
Honda EU7000 Generator

- 7000 watts, 120/240V
- Runs up to 18 hrs!


MSRP $4,499.95*


MSRP $579*


MSRP $579*
*Manufacturer's suggested retail price. Price excludes applicable taxes. Dealer sets actual selling price.

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