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Ethanol Problems - Fuel Issues with Small Engines

If you use gasoline with ethanol, you WILL have problems with your small gasoline engines: lawn mowers, trimmers, chain saws or blowers. Small lawncare engines are not made to use ethanol mixed fuels and mechanics are seeing an increasing amount of small engine damage.

It is not just 15% ethanol mixtures. Even 10% ethanol in gasoline can cause gummed-up carburetors, internal engine rust and lubrication problems.

Ethanol easily combines with water, thus gasoline with ethanol can easily introduce suspended water into your engine. H2O in the engine can gum up carburetors (see the photo below) and lead to rust on components. This leads to more engine wear and eventual breakdowns.


Ethanol Slowly Destroys Rubber and Plastic
Ethanol blended gasoline will slowly destroy the plastic parts and rubber seals in your fuel system.

Ethanol Slowly Destroys Small Engines
Ethanol is corrosive and attracts water (see the photo above). Water is very harsh on a small combustion engine - it is not difficult to understand this equation:
    Engine + Water = Damage

Ethanol Causes Gasoline to Slowly Degrade
Ethanol contains high amounts of oxygen. This causes gasoline to degrade more quickly and if left in a fuel tank for lengthy periods of time, this decaying fuel will leave something like a varnish or sludge deposits in your carburetor and other engine components.

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