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Went there to buy bug spray to kill spiders & the young man working helped me with that. He told me how to mix it up & where to spray it!! He was really nice!!

They have the best oatmeal based soap which helps to calm a poison ivy rash. I give it away to family & friends who need it.

These guys are awesome! When it comes to lawn equipment they will take their time to get you set up right.

Very helpful. better pricing on saws than buying anything online elsewhere. Everytime I have a question I can get a answer from the guys. Thanks guys

Good people, you can tell some of them have alot of experience. An older gentleman helped my wife and I today. I showed him a picture of my lawn he walked me through step by step of what I need to do to get it up to a top notch standard. Even told me what time I need to get up to water it. I'll be back. This store has the professional experts (good if your having lawn issues - big inventory of lawn related products mowers weed wackers etc).

If your planning on buying a mower I 100% recommend this place. We just bought one and the owner explained everything about it. He even highlighted all the important things in the manual.

Mr. Ross, was very knowledgeable and helpful with identifying the right equipment for my lawn care needs. He even took the time to make sure I properly understood how to maintain and use my equipment correctly.